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I am here to pass on the knowledge and experience that I obtained over a 16 year Professional Hockey career . This platform is to help players and teams grow their knowledge of the game and help achieve personal and team success.

About Rob Schremp

Robert B. Schremp (born July 1, 1986) is an American professional ice hockey center currently playing for HK Mogo of the Latvian Hockey Higher League. He was drafted by the Edmonton Oilers in the first round, 25th overall, of the 2004 NHL Entry Draft and has played for the Oilers, New York Islanders and Atlanta Thrashers in the NHL.

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Video Coaching

Study your game film to build picture memory while adding my input to help the outcome

Visualization is crucial in the game of hockey. Knowing the positioning on the ice to be the most effective can be taught and learned.

I analyze your game film in order to find your strengths and weaknesses and work on your effectiveness on the ice.

My diagrams will be available for you on your personal profile, that you can always get back to in order to prepare for your next game.

Every analysis is then discussed through a video call in order to help you understand the details and also be able to ask questions that would help you accelerate your game.

Price: 150 Euro, per game.



Hockey is not only a physical game, but you also have to be emotionally and strategically prepared.

Your input as an individual player within a team is crucial for helping your teammates win. Working on your individual game is ongoing work throughout your career and it should never stop. Growth and development is not only important for the game of hockey but for you as a person.

The most successful time in my career was when I made the decision to hire a mentor while I was playing in the NHL. His direct focus on me as an individual player for what I needed to focus on and do better to succeed at that level helped me tremendously. I now want to return this favor to players looking to be the best version of themselves.

The Mentorship provides the player with fully open communication lines to discuss anything that the player needs help with. I also provide the player with specific practice plans and details to work on for their game from the habits and actions that I see in their game film.


What mentorship includes:

Video analysis

Game review

Video calls to discuss the details

Game preparedness

Involving my network for team placements

On demand in person ice sessions

Price: 800 Euro a month, Min 3 month commitment. Limited spots available.


Throughout the year I put together camps to develop the new generation of hockey players and help them achieve their hockey goals.

Upcoming camps:


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Camp ABC


Camp GHK


Camp at ABC state


Camp xyz


150 EUR per game analysis Mentorship 800 EUR/ A month

Team Services

Power play analysis. I provide teams help with their strategy for the PP through video or if desired, in person and on site. I was known as a PP specialist throughout my entire career and have the ability to work with any type of Power Play set up.

My expertise is in helping each player understand the details or their set position on the PP and how to use those tools to work insync with the rest of the unit.

For Coaches, I can help identify which players would fit best in each roll as well as help the team identify which Power Play set up would support the players that they have on their roster.

Price: 1,000 Euro for a consultation meeting

Includes: Video breakdown of your Teams PP with suggestions for fixes and where the pain points are.


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